The Best Acoustic Guitar for the Money (Under 500)

After listening to Johansing on my best record player, I searched for the best acoustic guitar for the money under 500. I have been checking out recording studio equipment too. It shouldn’t be a surprise. When you hear Johansing, who is described as a “gorgeous acoustic pop,” you are bound to want to play music too.

best acoustic guitar for the money under 500

Below, I share the top acoustics for the money (below $500) which I found during my search. Guitar brands have been cooking up creative manufacturing techniques, thereby enabling them to serve us great instruments at wallet-friendly prices. And so, if you’re planning to get your first axe, or if you’ll give one to someone special, you are likely to find it here.

Martin LX1E

Not so much into the likes of Johansing? Then how about some Ed Sheeran, an ambassador for Martin Guitars? So when you get an axe from such brand, you know you are in good (and talented) company.

One of the brand’s best guitars is the Martin LX1E. It is the smallest among their products, but it’s quite big in terms of quality, tone and flexibility.

martin guitars

The acoustic electric version of the LX1E has a top that is a solid Sitka spruce toneweood. On the other hand, its sides and back are high-laminated mahogany, while the finish is warm satin.

Because of its size, the LX1E is portable and is quite convenient to take on trips. Its initial list price is $519 MSRP, but nowadays its easy to find ones that sell below $500. But in the future, when you’re ready to spend more on its big brothers, you might want to consider the Martin GPC-Aura GT.

Yamaha LL6M

The relatively fresh Yamaha LL6M is a great guitar for players who want an old fashion style with solid performance.

The LL6M’s back and sides are Mahogany, and it sports a new innovative bracing design that makes the tone rich and warm. But it’s more notable feature is the A.R.E., which stands for Acoustic Resonance Enhancement. It is a Yamaha technology which they applied to the LL6M’s solid Engelmann Spruce top to achieve an “aged” sound.

yamaha ll6m

Yamaha has a rich heritage of manufacturing great acoustic guitars, and it shows on the traditional finish and styling of the LL6M. The model is also quite comfortable — with even a played-in feel to it — thanks to the 5-ply, all-new profile of the neck.

If you search for it, you might be surprised to see that it usually sells for $820. But there are some that sell for only $499 — you just have to dig a bit deeper (which is worth the effort anyway). For its price, the LL6M also comes with the Zero Impact which is a no frills, high performance pick up system.

So, Which One is the Best?

The acoustic guitars above are just two of the top axes for the buck (500 USD and lower). You can’t go wrong with either of them, but it’s always wise to think about what’s better for the player (you). As for what Johansing and other professional players use, they will be featured here too, so please visit this fansite often.